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                    Shantou Jinchang Pharmaceutical Packaging Co., Ltd

                    Shantou Jinchang Pharmaceutical Packaging Co., Ltd. is located in Jinyuan Industrial City, Shantou Special Economic Zone, Guangdong Province. It is a large-scale production enterprise in the eastern region of Guangdong that integrates research and development, design, and manufacturing of professional pharmaceutical packaging, food packaging, and pet health product packaging materials...
                    • 1998year


                    • 25years


                    • 1500m2


                    • 200+




                    Specialized pharmaceutical plastic bottles, solid and liquid plastic bottles, as well as food packaging materials such as mustard hoses and chewing gum bottles, are produced by enterprises



                    • High barrier

                      The use of special materials with high oxygen barrier to protect the fragrance loss of the content and prevent the penetration of external oxygen molecules, resulting in almost no discoloration of the content, effectively extending the shelf life of the food.
                    • Firmer and lighter

                      Lightweight, easy to transport, not easy to break, no danger of bottles, and less likely to cause human injury.
                    • Variable appearance

                      The size of the bottle mouth can be designed according to the needs of removing the content, and the appearance is variable.
                    • Easy to open

                      Convenient to carry, sealed with easy to tear film, easy to open, no special tools required, no metal wires or glass debris falling into, and can be sealed twice.

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